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marți, 25 ianuarie 2022 - 13:24
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New slopes and facilities to be opened in Sinaia ski area


Three new slopes and a new ski lift will operate this season on the Sinaia ski area, in the alpine hollow area. According to a press release sent by the Sinaia City Hall on Friday, a new installation is being authorised for operation with the public in the alpine hollow area, at 2,000 meters.

The lift has a transport capacity of 1,800 people per hour and a line length of 630 meters.

“Remarkable for this installation is the fact that it opens a new area for alpine skiing in the north of the current ski area, with spectacular slopes for winter sports enthusiasts. The Calugarul Ski Lift serves three medium-length slopes, but also two long slopes, from the top of Mount Furnica. Laptici 3 and Genune, with 2 kilometers each, will soon become the sensation of the alpine hollow. With the new arrangements made in Valea Soarelui, Sinaia has gained over 8 kilometres of slopes this year, which brings us to a total of almost 30 kilometers of slopes and approved routes”, sais Sinaia Mayor Vlad Oprea, quoted by Agerpres.

The Calugarul Ski Lift will be open to the public after Christmas. The Soarelui Ski Lift, which serves the Soarelui slopes 1, 2 and 3, was opened at Cota 2000 at the end of last year. The construction of the Dorului Chairlift, which will be ready next season, has also started in the summer.

The ski area, with all its slopes and new facilities, snow systems and snow plows, is managed by Transport Urban Sinaia, a company owned by the local administration.