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Minister Rajnath Singh wants to ban cow slaughter in India


He stated that „India will use all its might to ban cow slaughter across the country”


„How can we accept the fact that cow slaughter is allowed in this country? We will use all our might to ban it. We will try to build a consensus”, stated Singh, according to ibnlive.com.

India is the 2nd largest beef exporter in the world and the 5th biggest consumer. The beef trade, mostly Muslim-owned, has majorly dropped after the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) renewed a trust protecting cows.

Although several regions have adopted laws banning cow slaughter, the Bombay Suburban Beef Dealers Association president, Mohammad Ali Qureshi, declared that a nationwide ban would be impossible. He warned that it would spark protests across India, and that the government would regret such a decision.

The latest ban of this kind in Maharashtra was harshly ridiculed online and has already kicked off protests, with Mumbai traders shutting of their abattoirs for several days in a row.