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Microsoft is officially spying on you with Windows 10


The new operating system that’s currently in testing on the IT market has a keylogger included, assumed by the user

windows 10

The Microsoft American Company has launched its new operating system, Windows 10, for testing on the IT market. Some IT specialists have found a serious problem of the new product – Microsoft has included a keylogger (software which records every move that a user makes on a computer) in the OS.

Whoever is curious can read in black and white the terms of use (Terms of Service and Privacy Policy) – Microsoft is reserving the right to use any program or file that accesses the users or the texts that he writes. It is enough for them to tick the box for the terms of use so that they agree with them.

If you open a file, we may collect information about the file, the application used to open the file, and how long it takes any use [of] it for purposes such as improving performance, or [if you] enter text, we may collect typed characters, we may collect typed characters and use them for purposes such as improving autocomplete and spell check features

Windows 10
Terms of Service

In addition, Microsoft reserves the right to access the user’s microphone, e-mail addresses, call history and SMS history.

When you acquire, install and use the Program, Microsoft collects information about you, your devices, applications and networks, and your use of those devices, applications and networks,” the privacy policy states. “Examples of data we collect include your name, email address, preferences and interests; browsing, search and file history; phone call and SMS data; device configuration and sensor data; and application usage

Windows 10
Privacy policy

If the user does not aggree with the terms of service he cannot install the operating system.