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Macron vows to continue to meet public despite assault


The French President, Emmanuel Macron has insisted he will continue to meet the public despite security fears after he was assaulted on a walkabout on Tuesday, according to The Guardian. 

Macron was speaking as an opinion poll suggested his popularity is increasing. The latest survey by Ifop showed Macron has gained 7 percentage points over the last month and is now considered favourably by 50% of people.

The poll for Paris Match also showed the hard-left Presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s support had plunged 10 points to under 30% after he was accused of spreading conspiracy theories.

Macron is on a political tour de France, making two visits outside Paris per week over the next five weeks, to meet the people for the run-up to regional elections later this month.

On a visit to the Drôme department on Tuesday, the president was slapped as he greeted members of the public who had turned out to see him.

Afterwards, Macron, who was pulled away by one of his security team after appearing to want to confront the man who had hit him, was bullish about the incident.

“Anger I understand. I accept there is anger that can be legitimately expressed. I am in contact with people regularly. They express their anger and upset and I am always there [to hear it]. Sometimes I have an answer, sometimes I don’t,” said Macron.

“I will continue going everywhere. We must not give in to violence and particularly violence against public servants. And we mustn’t waste too much time on this.,” added the French President.