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Kosovo President reiterates commitment to EU, NATO after Stoltenberg meeting


Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani called on Serbia to do more work to align itself with EU and NATO values, highlighting Kosovo’s ongoing dedication and compliance in a press conference with NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg on Thursday, according to Eurativ.

Following a one-to-one meeting with Stoltenberg, a joint press conference was held during which Osmani reiterated her country’s commitment to the West.

“Kosovo is in full compliance with every foreign and security policy decision with the EU and NATO. I believe that it is very clear who are the partners of the Euro-Atlantic community in our region, but we are aware that the alignment of Serbia with the West is in the interest of all of us”, said Osmani.

Kosovo is not currently a member of NATO, although Pristina has been clear in its intention to join the Western military alliance.

Osmani also requested that the Serbian side do their homework before receiving the EU support funds.

“Serbia should do at least some homework before receiving the support it is currently receiving because EU funds should go hand in hand with EU values ​​, and this is not currently happening,” she said.

Kosovo, which applied for EU membership in December 2022, is currently facing punitive measures from the bloc over recent escalations in tensions with Belgrade and the Serb majority in the country’s north. Serbia, meanwhile, has not faced any such measures, which have raised the ire of Kosovo’s politicians.

On the topic of recent tensions, Stoltenberg condemned the violence against KFOR officers in June, perpetrated when Serbs tried to prevent police and Albanian mayors from entering office in the predominantly ethnic-Serb north.

“Our KFOR troops have been attacked this year, leaving 93 of them injured, some seriously, this is completely unacceptable, the stability of the region and the safety of KFOR troops depend on all parties respecting their oaths,” he said.

Stoltenberg also emphasized that after the tensions in the North, NATO increased its presence in the country’s North to fulfil the peacekeeping mission.

“For the recent situation in the north of Kosovo, NATO has landed hundreds of troops, and we continue to monitor the situation to fulfil our UN mandate, to maintain an orderly environment and freedom of movement of all communities in Kosovo,” he said.