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Japan has (finally) banned the possession of child-pornography




On Wednesday, Japan’s ban on the possession of child pornography has finally come into effect. Anyone caught owning images, videos, or any other things depicting child pornography will face a 1 million Yen fine or a one year prison sentence.

Japan was the last of the G7 countries where possessing pornography depicting under-aged individuals was not considered illegal. International criticism was the main reason for passing the bill.

The law was voted upon and approved last year, but a one-year moratorium had been into effect so that persons which owned such materials could have the necessary time to dispose of them.

Owning manga (comic-books), computer generated images, and animation depicting child-pornography is still legal in Japan.

There have been over 1.800 child-pornography cases in Japan in 2014.

Octavian Cătuşanu

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