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Iohannis-Stoltenberg phone call: Preparation for 2021 NATO summit


Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg spoke over the phone on Thursday, in preparation for this year’s NATO summit and in the context of the NATO 2030 forward-looking reflection process, according to actmedia.eu.

According to a statement from the Presidential Administration, the two top officials stressed the importance of allied talks on strengthening the Alliance’s role and profile as well as supporting the common vision for a stronger and more effective Alliance by 2030.

President Iohannis pointed out that it will be US President Joseph R. Biden first time to attend the 2021 NATO summit and that it is an extremely important milestone in shaping NATO’s adaptation process and strengthening the security of allies.

It will emphasize for Romania the reaffirming of allied unity and the solidity of the transatlantic relationship that represents the central theme.

The head of the state stressed the need for this year’s Summit to adopt decisions that allow for a consistent and coherent continuation of strengthening the Alliance’s deterrence and defence stance on the Eastern Flank, increase allied resilience and maintain NATO’s technological edge.

President Klaus Iohannis indicated that Romania fully supports the NATO 2030 strategic reflection process, to which it will make an active contribution and that it has appreciated the coordinating role of the NATO Secretary-General in managing the process, as well as the efforts to coordinate and involve the allies in the process.

Iohannis highlighted the importance of efforts to increase the resilience of the Alliance and its member states as well as highlighting Romania’s determination to get actively involved in supporting these efforts. He pointed out in regards to the initiative to set up and host the Euro-Atlantic Resilience Center (E-ARC).

The NATO Secretary-General thanked and expressed appreciation for Romania’s role within the Alliance, saying it is a responsible and valuable ally, with substantial participation and contributions to conceptual debates, allied projects and initiatives, as well as in NATO’s theatre of operation.

Jens Stoltenberg thanked Romania for its willingness to get actively involved in the strategic reflection process and reiterated interest in this leading to a consolidated profile of the Alliance for the next decade, including by updating its official master strategy document, the Strategic Concept.