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sâmbătă, 19 iunie 2021 - 21:27

INS: Romania’s unemployment rate for April 2021 estimated at 5.7%


The National Institute of Statistics (INS) announced on Monday that Romania‘s unemployment rate for April 2021 (5.7%) decreased by 0.1 percentages points compared to March (5.8%).

The unemployment rate is the weight of the unemployed in the active population. Men’s unemployment rate was higher than that of women with 0.6 percentages points, according to a press release. 

“The Household Labor Force Survey was revised to meet the requirements of the new European regulations that was forced on 1 January 2021,” said analysts at the INS.

The provisional data published for January – April 2021 are not comparable with those published for previous periods.

The number of unemployed (aged 15-74 years) estimated for April 2021 was of 474 thousand persons. It decreases compared to the previous month (485 thousand persons).

INS stated that according to the breakdown by gender, men’s unemployment rate was 0.6 percentage points higher than that of women (the values concerned were 6.0% for men and 5.4% for women).

The unemployment rate of adult persons (aged 25-74 years) was estimated at 4.6% for April 2021 (4.9% in the case of men and 4.2% in that of women’s).

The number of unemployed aged 25-74 years accounted for 75.4% of the total number of unemployed estimated for April 2021.