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sâmbătă, 12 iunie 2021 - 16:32

INS: Increase of job vacancies in Romania during the first quarter 2021


The National Statistics Institute (INS) announced on Wednesday that in the first quarter of 2021, the number of job vacancies in Romania was 38,400 as it increased by 2,800 compared to the previous quarter and that the job vacancy rate was 0.79%, increasing by 0.06 percentage points. 

Analysts at INS explained in comparison with the same quarter in 2020, the job vacancies rate decreased by 0.05 percentage points. The number of job vacancies decreased by 3.400, according to the press release. 


According to INS, the highest job vacancies rates by economic activities in the first quarter of 2021, were registered in public administration (2%), arts, entertainment and recreation (1.6%), health and social work activities (1.55%).

The manufacturing industry had more than one-fifth of the total number of job vacancies (8,300 job vacancies) with a rate value of 0.76%.

The job vacancy rate registered at the lowest values were in mining, quarrying and other service activities (0.09% each) and in hospitality and foodservice industries (0.19%). 

Analysts at INS explain that in comparison to the previous quarter, the most relevant increases of the job vacancies rates were in water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities (+0.57 percentage points), and in the arts, entertainment and recreation (+0.44 percentage points)

The most significant decreases in the job vacancies rate were noticed in other service activities (-1.86 percentage points), followed by mining and quarrying (-0.34 percentage points) and wholesale and retail trade (-0.11 percentage points).