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French Embassy in Bucharest increases awareness of gender equality


The French Embassy in Romania launched a communication campaign on Monday, aimed at increasing awareness of gender equality, according to actmedia.eu.

The campaign will end on 25 November on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and will give the floor to personalities from different fields of activity, from politics and media to civil society and sport, to discuss the topic of gender equality.

„Equality for me means to access without barriers, without discrimination to everything society proposes to men and women,” France’s Ambassador to Romania Laurence Auer, said in the first message of this campaign, published on the diplomatic mission’s Facebook page.

Each message in favour of this case will be promoted on the website and social networks of the French Embassy in Romania. The campaign takes place on the margins of Generation Equality.

Senate President Anca Dragu said that the number of abused women has increased in the pandemic, therefore measures must be taken at the level of public policies.

„During the pandemic, we see a worrying increase in the number of abused women. Domestic violence is a very serious problem in Romania. A study by the Faculty of Medicine shows that in the first three months of the pandemic, in 2020, the number of women who arrived with polytraumas at the hospital is four times higher than before the pandemic. This is an alarm signal that something needs to be done at a public policy level,” Anca Dragu said in a debate on „Woman’s transformation, from social inclusion to leadership,” organised by the French Institute.

„Public policies mean awareness, a continuous effort to bring up the issue of gender difference, violence against women, to create mentalities,” Dragu added.

The President of the Senate explains that women were more affected than men in the pandemic from other points of view as well and that more than 80% of the doctors and nurses in Romania are women who „carry the burden” of the pandemic.

Anca Dragu mentioned that Romania ranks 26th out of 28 in the EU in terms of the gender equality index.