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France, first EU nation to launch green digital health travel pass

France has become the first EU nation to launch its own Covid-19 ‘pass’ for travel and has started testing the green digital health pass this week as the concept is aimed at restarting international travel, according to euroweeklynews.com.

The pass will only be available for use by French citizens and it will allow those who have received both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to travel with evidence and to allow French citizens to travel to other EU countries.

“France is the first country [in the EU] to make this functionality available to its citizens. Initially, the app will be used to allow citizens to travel to and from France’s overseas territories,” said France’s Secretary of State for Digital Economy, Cédric O.

The digital health pass is being trialled on flights from France to Corsica, a French territory in the Mediterranean. The TousAntiCOVID app has been downloaded nearly 15 million times since its launch in June last year.

The app will work using QR codes which can be scanned to reveal their vaccine or testing certificate. Travellers who do not have a mobile phone app will be able to print off a QR code to present when travelling.