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miercuri, 27 octombrie 2021 - 17:04

Five reporters have been killed by the Islamic State



Five reporters from Libya had been missing since August, after they left Tobruk, where they were doing a report. They made the mistake of passing through Derna, which is crawling with ISIS militants.

Their bodies were found outside the city of Bayda, in the Green Mountain forests. They all had their throats slit.

An army commander from Libya, Faraj al-Barassi, stated that this is the work of the Islamic State jihadists.

“ISIS aims to horrify but we can only feel great sorrow and further resolve to see the killers held responsible for their crimes.” – Jim Boumelha, President of the International Federation of Journalists

This is the latest of the heinous crimes committed by the Islamic State. Just recently, 30 Ethiopian Christians were executed, 15 by beheading, 15 by being shot in the head.


Sursa foto: comemisvesto.it