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Fire breaks out at Bagdasar-Arseni Hospital in Bucharest. Eight patients evacuated


A fire broke out, on Tuesday morning, at the Emergency Department of Bagdasar-Arseni Hospital in Bucharest. The Ministry of Health reports that all eight patients who were in the new emergency department building at Bagdasar Arseni Hospital were evacuated.

„Around 7 o’clock we were informed of a fire in the Emergency Department of Bagdasar-Arseni Hospital.

The first responders at the scene found that smoke was coming from the roof. A team was made to extinguish the fire and to evacuate the people inside,” according to the Bucharest-Ilfov emergency Management Inspectorate (ISUBIF).

No flame or smoke is observed at this time. No one was injured, the source said.

Eight water and foam fire trucks, seven special response crews, three extricating devices and three escalators were used.

The Ministry of Health mentions that it is in contact with the management of the healthcare facility for immediate provision of support when needed.