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miercuri, 6 iulie 2022 - 20:21
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Financial education platform was launched in Romania


The Ministry of Education, the National Bank of Romania, the Ministry of Finance, the Financial Supervisory Authority and the Romanian Association of Banks announced on Wednesday the launch of a financial  education platform (edu-fin.ro).

The five partner institutions invite the entities involved in a project which is in the field of financial education to register, until the end of April 2021.

Through the platform, a database was created, which includes all entities that want to promote their financial education activities, it is implemented at a national level in their own name. Enrollment of this database is simple and allows for a better interconnection for the actors involved in the activities. It provides an overview of education in the finance field in Romania.

For the general public, the site is an interactive platform, a collection of practical skills for all who want to develop their behavior, attitude and financial knowledge.

The five partner institutions agreed, to a cooperation agreement in 2018 to carry out joint activities in the field of financial education and to formulate the National Financial Education Strategy. 

The objective of the collaboration agreement is the elaboration of the „White Paper,” which will contain a list of all actors involved in the activities in the field of financial education.

The launch of the financial education platform represents a stage in the process of elaborating the National Strategy for Financial Education, the first form of which will be launched for public consultation during the year.

All stakeholders will have the opportunity to submit proposals on the strategy on the platform and get involved in its implementation.

According to a press release, achieving a National Financial Education Strategy is the solution to boost the growth of financial education so as to increase the level of knowledge and financial skills of citizens, to help them manage the risks associated with complex financial services, and strengthen their financial situation and prospects.