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European Commission Report: Romania, ranked 2nd for European frauds


The annual European Commission’s report on the protection of financial interests


Although Italy is ranked 1st, Romania takes the 2nd place in the European Union for the number of reported frauds about the use of European Funds, shows the annual European Commission’s report on the protection of financial interests.

The document states that the number of irregularities reported as fraudulent actions by the European Union’s member states must not be interpreted as the level of fraud in the EU states.

In 2013 Romania reported a total of 109 frauds about the European Funds spending, which affected the use of a total 36.5 million euros, whilst Italy identified 302 frauds that would have influenced the use of 68.4 million euros. Bulgaria took the 3rd place, reporting 97 irregularities that were considered fraudulent, targeting 9.3 million euros.

In Romania’s case the most irregularities, 60 in number, were reported in the agricultural domains.

In 2013, AFO finalized 194 checks on EU funded projects, that had a total value of 624.466.739,13 EUR and it discovered irregularities and frauds that had a financial impact of 31.623.093,47 EUR, stated the head of the Anti-Fraud Office (AFO), Andrei Chendi, in an exclusive interview for Sursa Zilei.