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EU leaders tell Republic of Moldova they are not alone against aggression


EU leaders are coming to tell Moldovan citizens that they are not alone in the face of aggression, Republic of Moldova‘s Foreign Minister Nicu Popescu told a press conference on Tuesday, adding that the EU will send the country a strong support message on EU accession at the upcoming European Political Community Summit, according to Euractiv.

Popescu stated that the upcoming 1 June Summit of the European Political Community – which will bring together leaders from across the continent at Mimi Castle in Bulboaca, Republic of Moldova – holds great significance for his country. The European leaders are coming to tell the citizens of the Republic of Moldova that they are not alone in the face of aggression, Popescu said.

The leaders attending the summit aim to convey a strong message of support for the peace and security of the Republic of Moldova, particularly in light of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

Popescu also noted that while Republic of Moldova is not currently under direct military attack, it faces unprecedented security and economic challenges, especially in the energy sector.

For Republic of Moldova, it is important to ensure that the citizens are not “alone in front of these problems generated by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, as well as the hostile policies of the Russian Federation against our country”, the diplomat said.

He added that the presence of the 50 European leaders in Bulboaca is a clear signal that the Republic of Moldova has “numerous, powerful friends” who fully support it in its desire to maintain peace, stability and freedom.

Before the summit, the Council decided on Tuesday to nearly double the amount of macro-financial assistance to the country which it had agreed to provide a year ago.

In April 2022, it adopted legislation which enabled the EU to give Republic of Moldova financial aid for €150 million. On Tuesday, another €145 million was offered, raising the total to €295 million.

The Council also imposed sanctions on five politicians and businessmen from the Republic of Moldova and Russia who destabilised the situation in the Republic of Moldova, including fugitive oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc.

Plahotniuc must stand trial in his absence in the “Grand Theft” case of $1 billion from the Moldovan banking system between 2012 and 2014, the Chisinau Court of Appeal ruled on Monday.

“Romania had a central role in the creation of this EU sanctions regime, as well as in the preparation of the listing package,” said the Romanian Foreign Ministry.

Republic of Moldova applied for EU membership in March of last year and was granted EU candidate status in June of the same year. The Council will decide on further steps once Moldova fulfils the conditions outlined by the EU Commission.