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EU and Iran to continue working on nuclear deal, Borrell says


EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell on Tuesday condemned Iran’s support for Russia in its war in Ukraine and the ongoing repression of opposition in the country, but said the EU would continue to work with Iran on restoring the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, according to Reuters.

“Necessary meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian in Jordan amidst deteriorating Iran-EU relations,” Borrell tweeted ahead of a regional conference being hosted by Jordan.

“Stressed need to immediately stop military support to Russia and internal repression in Iran. Agreed we must keep communication open and restore JCPOA on basis of Vienna negotiations.”

Talks to restore Iran’s 2015 nuclear accord have been at a stalemate since September. Western powers accuse the Islamic Republic of raising unreasonable demands after all sides appeared to be nearing a deal.

Borrell said last week there was no better option than the nuclear accord to ensure Iran does not develop nuclear weapons, adding that “we have to continue engaging as much as possible in trying to revive this deal”.

The climb to salvage the pact has grown steeper this year. Iran has brutally cracked down on street protests, Western states say Russia has used Iranian drones in its war in Ukraine, and Tehran has accelerated its nuclear programme, all of which raise the political price to giving Iran sanctions relief.