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EBRD loans €20.5mln to Romania’s Iasi city for energy efficiency projects


The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) said on Thursday that it is providing a loan of up to €20.5mln to the Romanian city of Iasi to finance energy-efficiency enhancement investments in public buildings, according to See News. 

“The loan proceeds will finance the rehabilitation of 15 public buildings owned by the city and the reconstruction of a new depot designed and equipped for 32 trams and 44 electric buses,” said EBRD.

EBRD explained that the depot infrastructure will support low-carbon transport in the city and enable the operation and maintenance of the current and future urban transport fleets. The renovation of buildings and the integration of energy-efficiency and renewable-energy measures in the upgraded depot will lead to energy savings of approximately 34%.

The project is part EBRD’s urban sustainability programme, Green Cities. Iasi is one of Romania‘s three cities that are part of EBRD Green Cities, alongside Craiova and Medias.