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Earthquake in Peru: at least 8 people have died


Cusco police chief: they were „one man and seven women”

Peru Earthquake

At least 8 people were killed in an earthquake measuring a 5.1 magnitude on the Richter scale in southeastern Peru, where the Misca village of the Cusco region lies in ruin, the Civil Defense Services announced on Sunday, AFP reports.

The earthquake caused the collapse of 60 houses in Misca, a village where 300 people are now homeless. In the neighbor village of Cusibamba, where 46 houses cannot be lived in anymore, 230 persons are now homeless, according to the same source.

The eight people that were killed were from Misca, the Civil Defense Services announced, which stated that the two villages, located in the Paruro district, have about 1.000 inhabitants altogether.

They were „one man and seven women”, declared for the RPP local radio station General Prada Vargas, Cusco police chief.

The earthquake, which struck the Paruro province of the Cusco region on Saturday night, had the epicenter seven kilometers southwest of Paruro, at an eight kilometer depth, according to the Peruvian Institute of Geophysics (IGP).