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Danish intelligence chief jailed following surveillance scandal


The head of Denmark’s military intelligence service, Lars Findsen has been jailed, charged with leaking classified material, local media reported on Monday, according to Bloomberg. 

Last month, Danish police arrested four current and former intelligence workers on charges they had leaked highly classified information. Broadcaster TV2 and other media reported on Monday that Findsen, 57, was among those four after the district court in Copenhagen lifted a ban to name him, at his own request.

The exact charges against Findsen are still not public and it’s not clear if he allegedly leaked information to the media or to foreign agents.

The spy chief had been suspended from his duties since August 2020 after an oversight board criticized his agency’s role in a surveillance scandal.

The Danish Defense Intelligence Service had allegedly collected data from private citizens and shared the information with foreign powers, possibly the U.S. National Security Agency.