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sâmbătă, 16 octombrie 2021 - 4:42

COVID-19: Incidence rate rises to over 15 per thousand in Bucharest


Bucharest‘s 14-day COVID-19 incidence rate reached a record level of 15.1 cases per thousand inhabitants on Wednesday. One month ago, on September 13 the infection rate was ten times lower 1.52 per thousand inhabitants, according to Romania-Insider. 

The highest infection rate of 17.29 cases per thousand is in the capital’s District 1 and the lowest incidence rate is seen in District 3 as 12.54 cases per thousand.

Several restrictions are currently in force in Bucharest, as the authorities are trying to limit the spread of COVID-19. According to a decision of the capital’s Committee for Emergency Situations, wearing a mask is mandatory in all closed and open public spaces.

There is a night-time curfew in place between 20:00 and 05:00, but only for unvaccinated people. This movement restriction does not apply to those who were fully vaccinated or have already been infected.