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vineri, 18 iunie 2021 - 11:59

Bucharest not to be quarantined solely on COVID-19 incidence rate


Minister of Internal Affairs, Lucian Bode said on Monday to a private broadcaster that the decision for Bucharest to be in quarantine will not be based only on the COVID-19 incidence rate of 6 per thousand inhabitants, according to Agerpres. 

“It’s not just the incidence rate that leads to this decision. Experts have clearly said that there are several factors including this incidence rate of over 6 per thousand that can lead to a decision,” said Bode.

“We must not rush, we should not give a message that could possibly induce panic to the population. We must be very clear in our statements (…). If we exceed the incidence rate of 6 per thousand, together with the Department for Emergency Situations (DSU and with all the factors involved, we will certainly make a decision but it will not solely be based on this incidence rate,” added Bode.