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Baloteşti, Mogoşoaia, Snagov and Ştefăneştii de Jos under quarantine


Four communes in Ilfov county, Baloteşti, Mogoşoaia, Snagov and Ştefăneştii de Jos,  were placed under quarantine starting Wednesday, March 24, according to Romania-Insider. 

The four communes will remain under quarantine for two weeks until April 7, at 22:00.

Any trips outside the house in the four communes need to be justified in a written statement or by an employer’s note if the trip is made for work-related purposes.  

Following the risk analysis carried out by the Public Health Directorate of Ilfov County and the approval of the National Institute of Public Health, the Ilfov County Committee for Emergency Situations adopted decisions proposing the quarantine measure for these localities, according to Agerpres