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An Indian Army team will clean Mt. Everest


They plan to bring down 4.000kg of trash


The Swachh Bharat mission set by India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, will reach the top of the world. A team of the Indian Army, composed of six officers and 24 other ranks, will scale the peak on the 50th anniversary of the first Indian triumph over Mt. Everest.

They plan to bring down 4.000kg of non-biodegradable trash, left over by other climbers. This includes sleeping bags, oxygen tanks, tents, etc.

Sadly, Mount Everest is now also called the world’s highest junkyard. Our aim is to carry forward our prime minister’s dream of cleanliness everywhere, including at the top of the world. We will target the mountaineering waste from Camp 1 (6.000m) to the summit (8.848m). There are old cylinders, tents, tins, packets, equipment and other mountaineering waste. Apart from our own haversacks weighing 10 kg each, we intend to bring in another 10 kg each on the trip

Major Ranveer Singh Jamval
for Mail Today

Litter is not the only thing that’s left behind on the mountain. The corpses of the climbers who couldn’t make it down still remain there. Over 200 bodies are believed to still lie on Mt. Everest.