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vineri, 22 octombrie 2021 - 4:37

Study: 73% of pet owners in Romania have a dog and 57% have cats


In Romania, 6 out of 10 Romanians have a pet and a study showed that during the COVID-19 pandemic period, a lot more individuals purchased or adopted a pet, according to a study conducted by Reveal Marketing Research.

Pet owners in Romania (20%) stated that they have owned a pet for at least two years and a dog is seen to be the most common pet that is kept by urban and rural households, with data showing that 73% of pet owners have a dog, in while 57% have cats.

According to the analysis, the most popular pets that Romanians have are parrot/canary birds (9%), fish (7%), turtles and hamsters (3%) but dogs stand out as the favourite animal by young people aged 18 to 25 (80%) and families with children (78%).

Most Romanians prefer to buy food for their pets from hypermarkets (78%) and specialty stores (55%), followed by the vet (20%) and online shopping (15%).

There is a greater concern among people in urban areas for the care of their pets, as 64% of them buy food from dedicated shops, which also sell premium products. This may be due to higher purchasing power in the urban area.

When Romanians decide to go on vacation, most find a solution to leave their pets with family or friends (63%) or leave them at home and ask someone to come and feed them (36%). Romanians stated that another solution is that they opt for a pet hotel that is specific for their animal (6%).

The study revealed that 57% of Romanians want to adopt pets rather than buy them (43%) and when considering to adopt a pet, 7 out of 10 Romanians say they intend to adopt a dog.

The study was conducted on a nationally representative sample (urban and rural), 1007 interviews + The margin of error is +/- 3%.