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miercuri, 8 decembrie 2021 - 1:44
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7 year old boy holding the head of a decapitated soldier. SHOCKING IMAGE


The picture was promoted by his father, which is encouraging the boy’s behavior

statul islamic

A photo of a seven year old boy holding the head of a decapitated Syrian soldier again brings out the barbaric nature of the Islamic State movement, which is currently taking offensive military actions in northern Syria and Iraq.

stat islamic decapitare

The image first appeared on his father’s, Khaled Sharrouf, Twitter account, an Australian citizen of Syrian origin who returned to Syria for “Jihad”.

Sharrouf served a few years in an Australian prison for plotting terrorist attacks. The picture was taken in the Syrian city of Raqua.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot strongly condemned the broadcast of this image and the terrorist behavior of Sharrouf.

„We need to see the fact that the Islamic State is not just a terrorist group, it is a terrorist army and they want not only an enclave, but a terrorist state” said Abbot.