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sâmbătă, 27 noiembrie 2021 - 2:26
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386kg of cocaine found in.. bananas


Confiscated cocaine packed in banana boxes are displayed during a new conference in Berlin


On Monday, about 386kg of cocaine were found inside of banana crates in a supermarket chain from Germany. This did not happen in only one store, but in fourteen of them. Workers from the Aldi supermarkets reported narcotics tucked in the banana crates which were delivered from Colombia.

Stefan Redlich, police spokesperson humorously declared for AFP: “Apparently there was a logistical mistake somewhere along the line”.

The find represents the biggest one in German history. Previously, the biggest one was from January of 2014, when 140kg of cocaine were also hidden in banana crates.

The 386kg are worth around 21 million dollars.


Sursa foto: cbsnews.com