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100.000 tons of old, frozen meat have been seized in China




Chinese authorities have seized approximately 100.000 tons of contraband, frozen meat. According to Time, an inspector declared that he nearly threw up when he opened the doors of the trucks. This is because some of the packages had stamps that were dating back from the ‘70s. That’s right, 40-year-old frozen meat.

The total market value of the haul is estimated at around 480 million dollars.

China Daily declared that the meat had been smuggled through Hong Kong to Vietnam, before making it to China. Smuggled meat is a serious concern, because it can travel for long periods of time unfrozen in unrefrigerated vans, before being frozen again, and this leads to an ideal home in which bacteria and viruses can flourish.

Unfortunately for China, it is well-known for its poor food safety administration. Six children died in 2008 and 300.000 more fell ill after consuming contaminated powdered milk.

Octavian Cătuşanu

Sursa foto: techtimes.com